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We add color to old-fashioned web sites and transform them into interactive web pages. We take care to design the web pages of our customers, all the details on a regular basis; to have a unique experience with cool and animated effects.


Every major brand is built on a specific standard -the who, what, where, when and how. We base and develop these foundations to define, simplify and develop the corporate identities of our customers..


Whether your magazine is published in print or online, with rich effects and animations on all tablets and smartphones, readers can experience a unique interactive magazine reading experience. With data analysis and statistics, you can easily see which content your readers are more interested in, and you can increase your target audience’s commitment to the magazine.


We are optimizing for search engines that your customers often use, and organizing search engine ad campaigns to increase brand awareness.


As LunaFİM, we are creating a variety of strategies so that your brand can reach more people in social media. We create custom road maps and plan for your product / brand awareness.


For you, your web site is your best staff who works 24/7, everyday and tirelessly every day of the year. A website that can not go further than looking good; a website that does not reflect your functionality and mission will not give you anything and can also lead to potential customer loss. That’s why we are building a website that shows your brand better in the digital world, with all the functionality and simplicity. A website that reflects your ideals and your mission is the most effective digital platform that increases your interaction with your customers, the number of potential customers and your sales of your products / services.

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